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Saraswathi Pooja

Goddess Saraswathi:- Goddess Saraswathi is the hindu goddess of knowledge,music, art, wisdom and nature.

 Saraswathi Pooja:- Saraswathi pooja is one of the major events celebrated in our in our indian culture. Students are encouraged to worship Goddess Saraswathi because of the educational value she holds.This is why we should teach our children to pray.

Praying:- Prayers or worship is considered to be integral part of any religion. It is very important to teach children to pray. We should teach them first to Thank God for all that they have -- loving family, food, clothing etc,.

                The best way to begin educating your children about prayer is to pray in their presence.

               Prayer is the best way to teach kids to tell Thank You.

                      At,,Ekaakshara Pre School and Day Care, Saraswathi Pooja was performed today where children worshipped the Goddess by reciting shloka, offering haldi, kumkum and flowers. The tiny angels bowed in fornt of Goddess and thanked her and asked for blessings.