Ekaakshara Day Care, Second home for your tiny angels

Day Care, Purpose and Benefits



What is a Day Care?

Day Care is a place or is like an extended family parents can leave their tiny angles peacefully without any tension.  It is also referred to as an action or an skill of looking after children.

Purpose of a Day Care:-

            The main purpose of the day care is to provide a loving, caring and secure environment for children. The happiness, welfare, comfort and security will be the

*  It takes the place of the second home for the toddlers.

*  To provide a happy and healthy environment.

*   To help to develop each child's growth socially and spiritually.

* To maintain a good hygeine.

Benefits of putting a child early to the Day Care:-

Day Care provides a lot exposure to toddlers:-   It is a complete new world to the toddlers. The child will get to know about many new things.

Regular Schedule:-   The toddler will get accustomed to a fixed regular schedule at the day care.  This will in turn, induce good habits which will stay with the toddler throughout the life time.

Kids become better communicators:-  At Day Care, kids will have numerous opportunities to meet new children of different ages. The toddlers will be with regular contact with many children, which in turn help them to learn communication skill as well.







Day Care makes kids smarter:-  Children who go to a day care, tend to have more language and cognitive developments, which in turn makes them more smarter.

Day Care prepares kids for school:-   If kids are already going to Day Care from before, the transition of leaving home will be easier. It will be easier for the kids to adjust.

Children tend to become better eaters:-  Children at day tend to become better eaters.  Kids normally learn more by  from others. Children develop a willingness to try more foods while they are younger.

Daycare makes kids more efficient communicators :- Day Care will have many kids belonging to different age.  When they interact more, their confidence level will be more optimized, which will enhance their communication skills in the future.

Children learn to take care of themselves and others:-  As children learn new tasks that enable them to take better care of themselves and help others.

Encourage a child's curiosity:-  The events that happens at Day Care at a daily basis will always ignite and nurture the curiosity of the child. The child will be very curious to learn and know about new things.

Kids get more time to spend with their peers:-   Kids get more time to spend with their friends, which in turn help them to converse better. Kids learn how to problem solve, share and otherwise plan and learn will together.